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Dore Brothers SAS is located in Santa Marta, Colombia. We are operating hostels, hotels, bars, restaurants, night clubs and co-working facilities The company was founded in 2008 by Ryan and Evan Dore. During a long journey through South America they found their way to Santa Marta coming up from Brazil through Venezuela. At the time there were no hostel targeting an international backpacker in Santa Marta. Colombia was still considered too dangerous among most travelers. Ryan and Evan took the chance and started Hostel La Brisa Loca, located in the historic center, which soon became the place to be in Santa Marta.

In 2014 a large roof top night club was integrated into La Brisa Loca. La Terraza quickly turned into one of the most popular night clubs in Santa Marta.

In 2015, when La Brisa Loca was well integrated in the market Dore Brothers expanded and opened Hostal La Brisa Tranquila just outside Santa Marta, next to Parque Tayrona. La Brisa Tranquila is beautifully located on the beach.

In 2016 Cayena Beach Villa opened. It is located on the beach next to Hostel La Brisa Tranquila. Cayena is a small exclusive boutique hotel, with only 10 rooms. It probably is the most exclusive hotel in the area outside Santa Marta, and has already grown popular fare outside the borders of Colombia.

The latest addition in the Dore Portfolio is Flamingo Coworking, which opened January 2019. Flamingo Coworking is targeting professionals on the move; the digital nomads that need a proper office environment. There are also private rooms and dormitories for those who need accommodation.

Dore Brothers SAS is a company still looking to grow in the region. We believe Santa Marta has a great potential and are always looking for new opportunities to expand the business further.


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